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Mu FX Boostron pedal. Three in one and an FX loop as well.  ·  Source:

The new Mu-FX Boostron 3 pedal – as the name suggests – is three pedals in one. It has a very vintage look to it, and is based on some very desirable vintage boost circuits, each with its own character. It’s been designed in collaboration with professional guitarist Ran Anderson to offer a flexible boost with everything from the FET boost of the Alembic Stratoblaster to the popular OpAmp LM308 chip of the RAT, which achieves far heavier levels of gain.

Mu-FX are a boutique pedal builder from the USA and all their pedals look like old Mutron units of yesteryear, which makes a lot of sense when you know that the owner, Mike Beigel, was the guy that built all those old classic ’70s pedals in the first place! The pedal combines an Alembic Stratoblaster clean boost, a Musitronics/Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer compressor and finally a Pro Co RAT distortion. All the circuits are made to resemble these pedals as closely as possible and the thought process I would imagine would be to go from a clean boost through to dirtier gain stage with the RAT at the end.

There are separate controls for all three effects, separated by bright coloured graphics on the front panel. They are labelled Blaster, Squeezer & Slacker. Two have foot switches: the Squeezer and the Slacker. The Blaster is engaged with a separate mini toggle switch. The pedal has the whole Mutron ‘vibe’ going thanks to the design. The layout is very neat and at a glance the pedal looks easy to work out. The pedal also features an effects loop so you can feed another pedal into it as well.

The Orange Squeezer and Stratoblaster were mounted onto the guitar’s jack input, making them awkward to adjust and fit. Having them in a pedal format I think is a really good idea.

RRP USD $299.95

Product Specifications of Boostron 3: Mu-FX


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