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Two Stroke Clean Boost pedal

New clean boost pedal from Orange Amps.  ·  Source:

Orange-Two-Stroke-Pedal  ·  Source:

New pedals from Orange Amps

Orange Two-Stroke and Amp Detonator Pedals  ·  Source:

NAMM Show is starting today and everyone is releasing new products amongst those Orange have launched a new clean boost pedal called the ‘Two Stroke Boost EQ’ and ‘The Amp Detonator’ which is an A/B-Y pedal for running two separate ampl1ifiers at once. A big deal as Orange haven’t released any guitar pedals for around 40 years!

The new Orange Two Stroke Boost EQ is their take on a ‘clean boost’ pedal. It uses an active dual-parametric EQ with 18dB of cut or boost and up to 12dB of output boost, the Two Stroke is designed for pushing your amp’s front end.

You can use the Two Stroke to add an extra channel to your amplifier by adding more gain or boost.The pedal looks to have plenty of scope for tailoring your boost and so you could for instance push you mid frequencies to give the tone a different shape.

The Amp Detonator features two low noise linear buffered outputs, one with a custom designed isolating transformer, which has been meticulously engineered for transparency. Complete with phase correction, independent switches for A/B or both and a tri-colour LED.

Should be interesting to see how these new pedals do in Oranges lineup for 2016, especially as they haven’t made any pedals for so long. Both look rugged form the images released and are a nice compact design, so should fit easily onto a pedalboard. Obviously both pedals are very ‘amp orientated’ and so should be a nice addition to those of use (like myself) rocking single channel vintage style amps.

Both pedals RRP GBP £119

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