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Moog Music Moog One

Moog Music Moog One  ·  Source: Sweetwater


Without any information on the Moog website or any decent images Sweetwater appears to have the long rumoured Moog One polyphonic analog synthesizer in stock and ready to ship.


Moog One

It’s a little bit weird – the lack of images is certainly strange – but, whether it’s a leak or not this must be an indication that the mysterious Moog One is ready to go. They have all the marketing information and pricing, just no images other than the logo on the back side. All very strange.

Moog Music Moog One

Moog Music Moog One

Not worry, here’s a summary of the details:

The Moog One will be available in two versions; the 8 voice for a troubling $5999, and the 16 voice for an eye-watering $7999. Other than the voice count the versions appear to be identical, even down to the key count, Fatar keybed and weight. Each voice uses 3 VCO’s and it’s 3-part multitimbral in what they call a “Tri-timbral analog synth”, with FM, hard sync and ring modulation. You can treat these 3 parts as individual polysynths and assign splits and layers or stack up to 48 voices in unison mode. The arpeggiator and step sequencer can address each part separately and so can the effects. There’s a “Panel Focus” module that we can’t see yet which handles the management of parts and how they are being edited.

There are 4 LFOs, 3 envelopes, a dual-source noise generator with its own envelope. You get both a classic Moog Ladder filter and a State Variable filter that can be used in series or parallel. There’s an analog mixer for balancing your waveforms from each oscillator, noise generator, ring mod and external audio input. But again, without images we’re not sure what this looks like.

Amongst the 73 knobs and 144 buttons there’s a centre panel LCD screen. Moog One has the ability to same performances and presets for instant recall. They can all be saved to a USB stick via a handle socket which means you could take your presets to any Moog One anywhere and access your sounds.

There’s a bunch of per-synth and master bus effects including Eventide reverbs. The effects section is fully digital although it can be completely bypassed for that unadulterated analog sound.

What does it look like?

The lack of images and videos is slightly disconcerting. What does this thing look like? Is this a leak, is this for real? It’s all very weird. No doubt these things will emerge.

For instance here’s a tweet from a few days ago that has what they claim is a Moog One but it looks photoshopped and there’s no mention of a ribbon strip in any of the copy we’ve seen so far.



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Here’s another from Instagram:


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And then we have this more official looking image from the newly formed Moog One Facebook group:

Moog One

Moog One

In fact, all those images are speculative previsualizations from Dennis Stennis who runs the Moog One Facebook group.

So I guess we’ll just have to wait until something official comes from Moog and we can start to dribble over images of the real thing.

More information

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Image Sources:
  • Moog Music Moog One: Sweetwater
  • Moog One : Moog One Facebook
Moog Music Moog One

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