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Moog MoogOne

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Moog’s flagship synthesizer, the Moog One, gets a major update to its internal software that includes greatly expanded CV capabilities.


Moog One v1.5

The Moog One is vast. It’s the sort of synthesizer you could undoubtedly lose yourself in. Fortunately, Moog continues to develop and expand the potential of this stunning machine with regular updates. Version 1.5 massively increases the reach of the control voltage implementation while introducing new calibration routines for the system and voice cards.

CV Input and Output

Firstly, the new firmware introduces 10 new CV/Pedal input functions. You can now route a pedal or CV to the master volume, expression, filter cutoff, pitch, envelope gate, sustain pedal, sostenuto pedal, mod wheel and X and Y on the pad.

And secondly, you’ll find a bunch of new sources of CV that can be pulled from the pitch, Gate, velocity, CV inputs, pedal inputs, sequences and modulation outputs.

You can now access all the CV input functions via the Sustain Pedal input. Within the Mod Matrix, you can use CV inputs as Sources and CV outputs as Destinations. There are four new CV output destinations for the controlling of external gear.


Users can now access voice card calibration routines in order to ensure optimal tuning and response of all the analog voice components. You also have a separate routine to ensure proper functionality of the inputs, outputs, pots and left-hand controller.


Other improvements

There have been a number of other tweaks and fixes including improving the stability and timing across synthesizers, releasing some stuck notes in certain unison modes and improving oscillator compensation calibration.

As a bonus you also get 25 new presets designed by Lisa Bella Donna.

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More Information


The v1.5 firmware is available directly from the Moog website and only requires a computer and a USB flash drive.

Moog MoogOne

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