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Make Noise Morphagene

Make Noise Morphagene  ·  Source:

MG155 is available to download from the Make Noise website is the latest major update for the Morphagene sampler, time splicing, reeding module thing.


The new firmware brings user-definable options for many of the new behaviours. An “Options.txt” file is generated on the SD card which can be edited on a computer and allows you to enable or alter the other options.

  1. Vari-speed option. Vari-speed can now track 1volt/octave.
  2. Alternative input option. This records only the input rather than a mix of input and reel output.
  3. Phase/Position Modulation option. Enables the right output as a phase modulator.
  4. Organise option.
  5. Gene smoothing option.
  6. Record option. Makes it possible to automate recording of new splices.
  7. Play option. Changes it to momentary play.
  8. Clock option. Ignores the morph setting.
  9. CV Output options. Changes to a ramp output.

Full details of the update are available in the latest Morphagene manual. And check out the video below for more.

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