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Make Noise Morphagene

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Make Noise create some of the most entertaining Eurorack modules going. The collaborations with Soundhack are exceptional and here’s a new one. It’s called the Morphagene and I’ve no idea what it’s doing.



They are calling it a “microsound and tape music module”. It captures, regenerates and processes sound from inside or outside your modular system. It has a stereo input and can record sounds to reels – yes, reels. Although I think that’s just the name for the files because you can store them on SD cards. Each reel can be up to 87 seconds long. You can splice the reels together within that 87 seconds and you can have up to 99 splices. There are also “genes” which get down to microsecond second size for granular processing.

The labels can sometimes be revealing. Here we’ve record and play which is simple enough, then splice, reel, gene-size, splice, vari-Speed, SOS and Organise, which are less so. Loving the forward and reverse display in the middle. Make Noise do good lights.

I always feel like I’ve discovered something new and exciting about the world when I look at Make Noise demos, but I would never hope to explain what is going on in this video..


More information will hopefully occur on the Make Noise website at some point. In the meantime enjoy this amazing little video.

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Make Noise Morphagene

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