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Moog Minitaur 2.2 update

Moog Minitaur 2.2 update  ·  Source: Moog Music


Moog Music have released version 2.2 of the Minitaur firmware and brings in a bumper bonus of features free to any owner.


Minitaur 2.2

The biggest addition is in the modulation department. The LFO now has five additional modes: Square, Ramp, Saw, Sample/Hold and Filter EG. These are accessed (along with the original triangle) by holding the “Glide” button while turning the LFO Rate knob. The Glide button comes into a lot of use with this update. Next, the second oscillator gets some hard sync and the option to be modulated on its own for extra sonic potential.

The Mac and Windows Editor Librarian software is also upgraded to accommodate, and in some cases access, the new features. There have been a lot of refinements to the CV mapping. Pitch and Volume CV inputs can be re-mapped to any parameter and Gate can be mapped to any on/off parameters. All CV mapping has to be configured within the editor/librarian.

I’m always encouraged to see continuing development by hardware manufacturers. Many of the tweaks in this update come from user requests and it’s a sure fire way to retain the loyalty of your customer base.

The 2.2 update is free to any Minitaur owners and can be uploaded to the synth via the Editor/Librarian. The software is made available to anyone who registers their Minitaur.

More information, including the manual addendum and firmware download, can be found on the Moog Music website.



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