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Brightcove §Moodcaster Telecaster Joywave

Moodcaster reacts to heat  ·  Source: Brightcove


Moodcaster. A cool name for a guitar whose claim to fame is sensitivity to its surroundings. OK, so this Telecaster doesn’t change colour with your “mood”, but it its finish does react to the heat of your arm. So when you’re all on fire during that new solo, the Moodcaster will show it!


Liquid Crystal Thermochromic

The Moodcaster guitar is owned by Joseph Morinelli, guitarist of the US band Joywave from Rochester, NY. The lacquer is called Liquid Crystal Thermochromic. It’s actually black, but as soon as it gets warm, it turns into a multicoloured finish that looks a bit like an oil slick.

The finish is a unique one-off and so I don’t expect to see these available anytime soon. But we like cool guitar finishes and so had to share this one with you. You can check out Joywave over at their Facebook page here or the band’s main website here and check out their music and the guitar whilst you are there.

It’s a pretty unique guitar and makes a change from Butterscotch and Three Tone Sunburst finishes that you would normally associate with a Fender Telecaster. I reckon Leo Fender would have loved this finish!




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