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Melda Productions Monastery Grand

Melda Productions Monastery Grand  ·  Source: Melda Productions

Melda Productions MSoundFactory

Melda Productions MSoundFactory  ·  Source: Melda Productions

Melda Productions MSoundFactory

Melda Productions MSoundFactory  ·  Source: Melda Productions

Monastery Grand is a free 3.52GB sampled piano instrument recorded in a Pilsen Monastery Concert Hall that will run in the free version of Melda Production’s MSoundFactory Player.

Monastery Grand

It’s not, as I originally assumed, an ancient piano found in the crypt beneath an old dilapidated monastery. This is a classy grand piano used for concerts in a marvellous hall situated in an old monastery in Pilsen, the beer capital of the Czech Republic. They took over 50GB of recordings and curated that down to a pristine 3.52GB sampled instrument.

Melda has decided to give this piano away for free to users of their MSoundFactory modular virtual instrument platform. But the best thing is that it will work with the free “player” version so everyone can get the piano for free whether you’ve bought the full version or not.


MSoundFactory is a deep and complex sound generation system that features oscillators, filters, samplers, effects and modulation. All the building blocks you need for synthesis, sampling and sound design are here. The depth of editing you can do per voice is quite stunning with grids where you can construct the structure of your instrument whether that’s using analogue models, wavetables, samples, FM or physical modelling. And then do the same with the effects engine before scattering signal all over the place through the modulation matrix. I think it’s safe to say that the editing potential in here is epic.

Melda Productions MSoundFactory

Melda Productions MSoundFactory

But all the editing comes with the full version of MSoundFactory that costs £270 although it’s currently on offer for £180. If you want the sounds without the editing then the LE version is yours for £89. But for a handful of decent sounds plus the Monastery Grand then the free player version is all you need.

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