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Modal Electronics blue synthesizer

Modal Electronics blue synthesizer  ·  Source: Modal Electronics


As part of virtual Synthfest 2020 Modal Electronics released a little video showing glimpses of their history and finished with a gorgeous shot of a mysterious blue synthesizer.


Blue and shiny

They are not giving too much away except to say that the “story continues in November 2020” which presumably is when we’ll find out what this machine is.

Examining the picture I have to say it looks very similar to the Argon8. The positioning of the screen and the surrounding knobs is identical and the text, although unreadable, does seem to match up with the wavetable synthesizer but perhaps left justified as opposed to centralised. Those are probably “Page/Param” and “Preset/Edit” knobs on either side of the screen with a “Chord/Stack” button to the left and “Reso” and “Morph” behind.

Modal Argon8 range

Modal Argon8 range · Source: Modal

The Argon8 has already seen an extended version with a larger keyboard and desktop version with no keyboard at all. If they are sticking with the wavetable theme then perhaps this could be a 16 voice version? The layout seems too similar to be something completely new and I’m more inclined to think it’s an extension to their existing range.


We will see.

The video only seems to be available at the moment via the Synthfest 2020 website here.

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Modal Electronics blue synthesizer

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One response to “Modal Electronics teases a new blue synthesizer”

    LEEder says:

    That is good news!
    There interface design is very good with the endless encoders and display, i would almost buy it for that reason alone.

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