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Mod Sound Velvetverb

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Developer Mod Sound thinks there is always room for improvement in algorithmic reverbs, so here’s Velvetverb – it offers 4 different modes, intuitive controls, and a stereo image visualizer. The sonic results range from natural decays to otherworldly soundscapes. Is there anything else you need?


Mod Sound Velvetverb

Velvetverb’s choice of four different modes includes Velvet Room, Hall Effect, Plate Glass, and Dark Energy. While the first three are fresh spins on familiar ambiences, Dark Energy is the one geared towards experimental sounds. Think the tried and true Blackhole reverb by Eventide.

Tweakable as it is, Velvetverb keeps the parameters to a manageable number. The Reverb section provides standard controls for time, size, and modulation. The size parameter works differently according to the chosen algorithm. For Velvet Room and Plate Glass, the signals are processed using a “smooth” pitch shifter. In Dark Energy mode, the parameter controls the reverb tail instead. Further along, the mod control creates an increasing detune effect – great for those tape warbles.

The input section lets you adjust pre-delay and filters – a high-pass filter set at 6 dB / oct and a low-pass filter set at 12 dB / oct. The output section lets you change the stereo width, the amount of early reflections and the blend between dry / wet signals. There’s the feedback section where you can change the reverb sound with additional high and low pass filters. Finally, the Stereo Field Visualizer shows changes to the stereo image of the end effect looks. The overall feel is that of a calculated, modern reverb plug-in which provokes experimentation.

Velvetverb – Price and availability

Mod Sound Velvetverb runs in VST3 and AU plug-in formats under macOS (10.14 or later) and Windows (10 or later). The price is USD 60. You can get a free demo version from the manufacturer’s website.

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Mod Sound Velvetverb

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