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miniMO with MIDI

miniMO with MIDI  ·  Source: miniMO


miniMO is a tiny box containing a very affordable 8-bit modular synth built around the ATtiny85 processor. Developer Jose Gonzalez has just released a software update and accessory kit to turn it into probably the world’s smallest MIDI sequencer – the midiMO.



The original miniMO was built as a completely open source project. So open source in fact that you can download the case designs and 3D print it yourself. And then pick up the components at a local electronics store and load the open source software. If you prefer the easy option then a kit with a pre-programmed processor will set you back just over 12 whole Euros.


The MIDI Sequencer software release reprograms the processor to act as a MIDI step sequencer. Apparently it’s easy to add steps and do some real-time transposition and tempo control. You can configure scales, mess around with intervals and octaves, take control of playback direction and note length. It even generates a random sequence on startup, or I guess you can keep power cycling it until it comes up with something you like.

Along with the software you’ll need the MIDI Out Accessory Set which includes a MIDI socket that wires into the headers on the miniMO. At nearly €15 the accessory set cost more than the miniMO kit but without it not a lot is going to happen.

miniMO MIDI Accessory Set

miniMO MIDI Accessory Set

You could pick up a pack of 3 miniMO’s and really start having some fun for around €60. Sounds like a great holiday project to me.

More information

  • midiMO project page.
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  • MIDI out accessory set page.


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miniMO with MIDI

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