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Westlicht PER|FORMER

Westlicht PER|FORMER  ·  Source: Westlicht

Westlicht PER|FORMER

Westlicht PER|FORMER  ·  Source: Westlicht

PER|FORMER is a stunning looking open source project from Simon Kallweit (AKA Westlicht). It’s an 8-track step-sequencer for Eurorack designed for composition and live performance.


It’s not entirely new having emerged last year but this is the first time we’ve come across it and there’s a definite buzz around it at the moment. It’s the sort of project that could nicely fill up some lockdown time as well as looking fabulous and being wonderfully useful in your rack.

PER|FORMER features an 8-track sequencer with 16 sequences per track and 64 steps per sequence. Each note can also be sequenced with modulation. You can program sequences yourself, record in from a MIDI keyboard or use the sequence generators to come up with the goods for you. It has a Snapshot function for storing setups.

On the connections side it has 8 CV outputs, 8 Gate outputs, 4 CV inputs, Clock In/Out and MIDI over USB and TRS jacks. The MIDI implementation is quite interesting in that it’s keen to accept MIDI control and has support for the Novation LaunchPad built-in for the launching of sequences.

The 256×64 pixel OLED display looks excellent and gives you deeper access to the sequencing and functionality.

Both the software and hardware are open source through a non-commercial Creative Commons license and so it’s not available for sale. Instead, you can download the schematics, the firmware and the hardware templates and build the module yourself. Check out the useful tutorial from YouTube channel Anthurium below.

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