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Today we heard the sad news that Mike McGrath, founder and head admin of the Muff Wiggler modular synthesizer forum, has died.

Mike started the forum in 2006 and it has grown into an indispensable resource for modular synth enthusiasts. It holds thousands of posts answering every conceivable question about modular synthesis, Eurorack and other synthesizer technologies. Many Eurorack manufacturers use it as their support forum. But it was far more than a place of questions, it was a place of community and drew together thousands of like-minded synthesizer players, makers and fiddlers.

Tributes to Mike have been pouring in on the forum and Facebook. He started something that despite its rough and ready appearance and sometimes controversial attitude, formed a support network that today’s huge market of hardware synthesizers and Eurorack has directly benefitted from. We owe him our thanks.

Muff Wiggler website.

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