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A tiny corner of the internet is a little bit brighter today as “Muff Wiggler” evolves into the more tasteful “Mod Wiggler” to the collective sound of eyes rolling.


Mod Wiggler

It’s a debate that has intensified over the last year or so and following on from the noble choice of GearSpace to leave behind their Benny Hill mentality, Muff Wiggler has finally decided that maybe there’s a better way to be.

Muff Wiggler was created by the late Mike McGrath who chose the name based on two of his favourite Electro-Harmonix guitar pedals: the Big Muff and the Wiggler. It was never intended to be offensive to anyone and really only raises a mild smirk because we’re all blokes having a bit of a laugh in our blokey hobby of modular synthesis. Who would have thought that anyone would find it inappropriate, annoying or a barrier to entry or that there were people out there who weren’t just blokes?

The site caretaker “Flatscan” posted on the forum:

Today (22nd April) marks the 2 year anniversary of Mike’s passing, so I thought it would be a good time to detail the often hinted upcoming changes to the site that will be going live over the next week:

Top of the list is the change in name which has already been implemented.

We will not be rewriting history. We will not be changing old post contents. We are not banning or scrubbing words.
I’m not going to go into details about why the name was changed. That and settling on a new name was hard enough. It’s done and not open for debate.

There are a few rule changes and rejigging of the store and you can read about all the changes here.

It’s an enormously positive move that should be celebrated although I get the sense that many people are not particularly happy about it – never has the disapproving cat looked so disapproving. I know that Mike in the past was strongly against the idea. And you can understand the frustration of being criticised because of a couple of funny words when you’ve created a huge and wonderfully helpful community forum. However, like it or not, the name made it difficult for some people to access the resource whether through work filtering, the perceived blokey environment or simple embarrassment. Of course, you don’t have to visit these places if they offend you but the difficulty with that defense is that the Muff Wiggler forum is the official support forum of 52 boutique modular manufacturers which makes it a hard place to avoid if you are into modular synthesis.

What is fabulous is that we no longer have to moan or groan or roll our eyes at each other over the juvenile naming of forums and places of community and support. It’s become a non-issue and we can focus on music-making, enjoying electronics and making the industry a more inclusive and open place.

So, if you never have, why not go and visit the Mod Wiggler forum and enjoy the wealth of experience, information and community it can offer.

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40 responses to “Muff Wiggler becomes Mod Wiggler”

  1. Steve says:

    A great decision by Mod Wiggler and a great article again from GN!

  2. Chris says:

    I guess with this logic time to get rid of “eurorack” because the possible implications. Euro can be offensive because it is euro-centric and marginalizes everyone else and rack can be degrading to women. This is a fun game and so easy to win at it!

    • Erik says:

      If you think renaming things to make them more accessible for everyone is a competition, then it’s understandable that it’s making you angry.

      But, are you really sure that you’re in fact losing anything here?

    • Remi Fox-Novák says:

      No one is offended by Eurorack as a term.

      • Chris says:

        Erik and Remi,
        Thank you for being understanding and showing how bigoted you are by marginalizing me. How shameful coming from someone speaking about being accepting and being truly equal.

  3. Remi Fox-Novak says:

    Excellent news. I completely understand the context of the original name but to be so stubborn and and closed to understanding how both gearslutz and muff wiggler as names appear so aggressive to women who are interested in music technology is agressively sexist in its self. These forums are so useful and have great communities. As the biggest of their kind they had to do this.

    • Chris says:

      Yeah I am sure this was holding so many people back from making any progress in their lives. This game, life, is much easier when we fortify rules on how things can/should be interpreted. No one knows how I feel inside and if they just be gracious to me or people that think like me and do what I need to feel good. I’m sure it’s not much of a loss to them and a great win for feeling good. It’s not like we are taking away anything from anyone. Maybe in the future Mod wiggler will be offensive, which seems possible from one comment. Then we will ban that too and we will whittle it down until we have just the right dialog. I am sure there is some point in which people can’t interpret something as offensive.

      • look at this idiot says:

        seeing them change the name is actually holding you back from making progress on your life. it would be embarrassing if it weren’t so funny. what a whiny toddler.

        • Chris says:

          Stay away from offensive insults that will definitely remove any support to your arguments.

          • look at this idiot says:

            i’m not concerned with supporting my argument because we are not arguing. what you thought before and what you think when i’m done doesn’t matter to anyone. i’m calling you an idiot until you swallow your keyboard whole like daffy duck.

  4. Music Maker says:

    This is pathetic. Anyone offended by a stupid name like Muff Wiggler is pathetic. Anyone who thinks the world is a brighter place because “offensive” names are being changed is either stupid or actively sinister. I fear we are capitulating to the weak-minded at every turn. If you’re easily offended, that’s your problem. It’s not something to be proud of. If you don’t like the name Muff Wiggler – and it really is a stupid name – go and start another community. There’s no need to bully other people into changing.

    • Erik says:

      Right now your arguments seems to come from a place of, well… offense. Going by your logic, should we then capitulate to the weak-mindedness of what you wrote? Because if you expect sympathy, then it’s only fair to show it to others as well.

      • Chris says:

        It’s not about whether it’s offensive by definition it’s about if someone takes offense. We need to stop saying anything that could potentially offend anyone. I would say, Erik, you are being offensive to Music Maker and Music Makers stance is offensive to you. If we are going to be inclusive we need to be more polite to each other and not say anything…that can make someone feel bad. We cannot include one group and not include another. Soon enough we will all think the same and will have world peace.

        • JJ_Jettflow says:

          “We need to stop saying anything that could potentially offend anyone” ..more to the point is we need to stop saying things we damn well know will be offensive and start showing a little common respect to each other. I am pretty sure everyone knows the terms that are offensive and demeaning to women, just as much as we know the terms that are offensive to minorities and religious groups, we just choose not to give a crap. So while it might have been funny to call a stompbox “Big Muff Pi” 40 years ago, today it sounds puerile.
          It is called progress.

          • Chris says:

            JJ_Jettflow! Absolutely! I have seen so many problematic things in this world that are offensive. I know since I am an average person most others would agree as well! We all should know better! Religion is the easiest. So much hatred has come from religions, you are right, plus they always say things that are offensive to each other. We would have so much more peace and happiness without these hateful perspectives. JJ_Jettflow it’s a good start with what you said we should definitely remove the history of these things too because looking back can still oppress certain people. You are right keep progressing in cleaning these things up. Like the Reaper application url is a very offensive name…it’s obvious…

        • look at this idiot says:

          >It’s not about whether it’s offensive by definition it’s about if someone takes offense.

          I take offense every time you combine words in any order, don’t do it again.

          • Chris says:

            You are barking up the wrong tree, I am merely showing there is offensiveness everywhere.

    • look at this idiot says:

      if even one person takes your comment seriously, we are capitulating to the weak-minded. If you don’t like the name Mod Wiggler – and it really is a stupid name – go and start another community. There’s no need to bully other people into changing. Their decision is made and no living thing is concerned with your opinion unless they’re laughing at it.

      • Chris says:

        I still cannot believe you could not read through my posts and realize I was showing a perspective with an extreme mirror. The problem most people have is that they do not understand how delicate free speech is and the only way to keep it free is by allowing the possibility or actuality of offense. We all want to be thought of as a good person and think…it’s just a small thing to force people to adhere to said view point. They don’t realize how detrimental it is to conversation and ideas. There is no growth with censoring, there is no discussion with censoring. Getting angry solidifies the footing of people trying to feel virtuous, we have to show them the path they are headed down. Most don’t even realize what they are saying, just that it seems right and as long as it doesn’t affect their lives it is a way to make them feel they have done a justice in this world with little to no effort or a way to feel powerful a moment in an insignificant life. There is only one way forward with censorship which is more censorship. Perspectives change and even if they are careful it will come for their views soon enough because there is always someone who will be offended. People who are really strong on the stance of free speech need to band together and be just as loud. For example, I think it would be a great idea for a large group of people from muffwiggler to band together, leave, and create a new forum that stand for the same principles Mark had creating the forum.

    • Loving this new PC world says:

      @Music Maker:

      Agree 100%

      People who are upset by things like this are trying to create a world of the lowest common denominator, where people of normal mental status, who are capable of seeing beyond a silly name, are expected to follow rules invented by weak minded whiners with self esteem issues. Don’t take them too seriously, that only makes them feel important, which they’re not.

  5. iixorb says:

    Ha! Except ‘Mod’ means “#####” in the Ongoto language!

    ##### Wiggler. Lolz!

  6. John says:

    You’re next gearnews! lol

  7. DC says:

    “leave behind their Benny Hill mentality” LMFAO

  8. pfrf says:

    No one at Muff Wiggler was bullied by anybody. They can call their site whatever they want to call it.

    They changed the name of the taco place down the street from Taco Steve’s to Taco House. Let’s all cry.

  9. Chris says:

    Funny how no one really know anything about the forum or the man who created it. Seem like someone who is really trying to be offensive…right???
    Watch it….sooo eye opening!!!!

  10. StarkFistofTruth says:

    “Gear” is slang for heroin and other drugs.

    • iixorb says:

      Hmm, but then Top Gear would have to change its name if it came to that. Fifth Gear too if they’re even still going ! I reckon ‘gear’ is on safe grounds for now :-p

  11. Eddie says:

    Well, this move is offensive to the original creator who never wanted the change. Honestly if I create something and stick to my ideas, knowing that something will change when I die and against my wishes would make me sad… But hey, it’s offensive.

    • Chris says:

      I keep hearing this…do you have any links?

      • Septic says:

        I was a member (still am, but dont visit anymore) Since the early days, 2009.

        The world has changed so much it that short timespan with all political correctness, and people choosing to be offended.
        I did have personal contact and supported Mike with donations in the early days in the past. Just because he was a man who values freedom and freedom of speech highly. And muffwiggler was one of
        those few places that didnt give a fuck.

        This has all go down the shitter now.

        So eat a floppy wiener you snowflakes.

  12. JP says:

    I am now decreeing that the slang for a tremolo arm must no longer be ‘wang’ bar and a wah pedal set to around half way is no longer to be called ‘half cocked’, as they are no doubt offensive to anyone who is frightened of one of the many slang words for penis.

    Also, anyone called Johnson is now legally obliged to change their name.

  13. Sean says:

    Another bow down to the PC cancel culture. Bummer. Muff is a hilarious name, and if you’re offended by it you probably are offended by a lot of things. I mean, a pedal was just released called My Fatt Hard Rawk… are we gonna all cry about that too? Also… what’s up with GearSlutz being offensive to women… is a slut really only a reference to women? I always interpreted that as people who have an unhealthy propensity to gear.. and nothing to do with intercourse… let alone women. But okay.. be offended y’all. Cant wait to see what we’re offended by with all the name changes in 2030. Maybe EuroRack for cultural appropriation? Or maybe Boss for suggesting to control the peons lives? lol get a grip people

    • Bobby says:

      Liberalism, and cancel culture, those on here defending it, saying we have to be more inclusive, don’t have a clue how it works. they will soon be canceled by their own insanity, it just keeps spreading, it never ends, until there’s nothing left!

  14. Diki Ross says:

    Cracker Barrel hasn’t changed its name. So you’re good to go, right cracker?! 😂

  15. Bobby says:

    Since Flatscan said, “This is not open for discussion” (Meaning) Shut up, and Obey, How about Flatscan change his name, out of respect for all the women who don’t have large hooters!

  16. Nina says:

    Bill Maher gets it. Some people really need to go back to kindergarden:

  17. Alswen says:

    The sort of people who wouldn’t want to post on a forum because it was named “Muff Wiggler” are exactly the sort of uninspiring idiots I wouldn’t want around me in a space devoted to creative exploration.

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