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Midweek Modular

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This week Neutral Labs wants us to stick components into a filter, Ebashi Audio has two channels of wave folding internal pathways and we check out a CV-controlled mp3 player module.


My favourite thing of the week was the soft bag for the Moog 2 and 3-tier semi-modular systems from SynthToys. They are designed to help you take your Moog tower of synths about the place in style and comfort. They look both brilliant and hilarious for reasons I can’t quite explain. Read more about them here.

The hackable filter comes from Neutral Labs. It has released Scrat, a Steiner-Parker filter module with two rows of patch wire connectors on the front into which you can stick passive components like resistors, capacitors and diodes to alter the resonance’s character. It’s a fun idea. Neutral Labs even provide ready-made component cartridges to plug into it. Read more about it here.

The Dual Timbre from Ebashi Audio offers up some complex wave folding in a dual-channel module with all sorts of internal routing possibilities. There are even patch sockets on the back for you to wire in some more permanent choices. Read more about it here.

Midweek Modular Bits and pieces

Here are a few more bits and pieces of modular news and coolness that I’m pleased to shine a light on for this week’s Midweek Modular.

Pantala Labs Music Splitter

Music Splitter is a stereo mp3 player wrapped up in a CV controllable Eurorack module. You put your mp3 files onto a microSD card and stick it in the front. You can select from up to 20 songs in one bank with the Track knob and corresponding CV input. There can be as many banks as you like. The Seek knob allows you to put Cue points onto your music files and scan through them. The idea is that you get a cue point for each second up to 60 seconds. If the file is smaller then it’s broken into 60 small sections.

There’s manual control over playback and pause or you can fire it a pulse to start as part of your sequence. The CV control over track and cue point is quite interesting. I imagine this is designed for messing about with short pieces of audio, maybe even single samples rather than simply playing songs.


It’s an interesting idea. Music Splitter costs 715 Brazillian Real which is about 132 Euros. is for sale has been the home of Moog format modular synthesizers for a very long time. They’ve been providing classic takes on Moog and other modular systems in the large 5U format and were out there being modular long before Dieter Doepfer had come up with Eurorack. While the popularity of modular synthesis is bigger now than it’s ever been it is Eurorack where the majority of the interest lies. And so it looks like is closing its doors and has put out feelers for someone to take it on.

A message on the website says that it’s been a difficult couple of years and although they have weathered much they are now “at a difficult point financially, and are staring at an unknown economic future.” It is terribly sad and I fear that the current financial situation in many parts of the world is going to take its toll on what is a premium-priced pursuit. · Source:

Anyone interested in purchasing should contact James Allen at the website address.

Noisy Fruits Lab 4CHAN M

4CHAN M is a fruity looking 4 channel stereo mixer for your Eurorack. It’s comprised of 4 mono input channels with gain, panning and two auxiliary sends. The sends both have stereo returns and individual return level knobs. You can use the stereo returns as additional stereo inputs if you wish. There’s no EQ or added extras so you end up with a straightforward stereo output.

It can handle both Eurorack and line-level sources without any trouble. There are peak-level LED indicators on the master outputs.

There’s the possibility of extending the channel count via a 1×3 pin header on the back if you are an enterprising DIY-er. Although according to this Instagram post there will also be an 8-channel version coming along. At €199 the 4CHAN is looking really good.

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