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Midweek Modular

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The dust has now settled on Superbooth, so we can return to wandering the internet looking for interesting bits of modular to have a poke at.


Although it’s not strictly modular, I would like to point out that you can win an original Moog Minimoog Model D and also check out the new Moog online resource all about the classic synthesizer. More information here.

If you’re interested in my favourite bits of modular from Superbooth, check out last week’s Midweek Modular for all the details.

Midweek Modular

Most of the modular world takes at least a week off after Superbooth to recover from the drinking, lack of sleep and overindulgence in sociability. But there are still some exciting things bubbling away that I would like to draw your attention to.

Shkrjn Instruments

Coming out of New York City are a couple of modules from Shkrijn Instruments. The first is a strikingly minimalist Morphing Filter Bank. It uses four fixed-frequency bandpass filters to act as a formant filter with five distinct outputs. The outputs include a notch and a pair of different bandpass outputs with 6 and 12 dB slopes. The filter is shiftable via the Voice knob or by an attenuated CV input.

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The second new module is the Decay which is a dual voltage-controlled decay envelope. The envelopes are exponential and very snappy making them perfect for percussion and lowpass gates. You can use CV to modulate both the decay time and the amplitude.

shkrjn Morphing Filter Bank and Decay

shkrjn Morphing Filter Bank and Decay · Source: shkrjn

Both are handmade, limited-edition modules that are available directly from the website.

Hochstrasser Electronics

This is probably jumping the gun a little bit because Hochstrasser mainly does guitar pedals. But it had something very interesting on its Instagram page, which was a rather fabulous-looking 8-step sequencer. I love a good, simple, knob-per-function 8-step sequencer. I use one by Wavefonix, and it’s a constant feature of my patching. The Hockstrasser 8-step is very similar but I do like the individual step outputs. That could cause some interesting happenings.

I reached out to Hochstrasser to enquire about availability and it suggested that a small batch could be on the way soon.

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Guru Gara Synth Reverb

This is a new and great-looking reverb based on the BTDR-2H Digital Reverb Brick. It has a stereo output, CV control for modulation and a built-in VCA to give fine control over the wet signal level. Apparently, this is really good for generating creative feedback patterns.

All of the modules from the Guru Gara range have a very 70’s futuristic feel which I do enjoy. Other modules include a 3320 VCF, a 3340 VCO and a useful dual AR envelope. They are generally available as a panel/PCB kit for DIY, but you will have to source your own components. I’d love to see them turned into full kits.

GGS Reverb

GGS Reverb · Source: GGS

Midweek Modular

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