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Blokas Midihub

Blokas Midihub  ·  Source: Blokas

Lithuania based Blokas is about to release a cunningly useful MIDI processor and router. Midihub is a little box that can be programmed to be all manner of MIDI related things and could exactly what you need for your expanding setup of desktop synths.


Great name that I can’t quite believe hasn’t been used before but it perfectly describes what this little box is all about. At a basic level, it’s a classic MIDI interface with 4 input and output ports but using the dedicated editor you can transform it into all sorts of useful things.

You can use it as a router, a splitter, a MIDI Thru. You can turn on interesting things like an arpeggiator, note repeater and randomizer. You can filter notes, transform them, combine, merge and sustain them. And that’s not the half of it. It reminds me a lot of the MIDI OX Windows utility.

The secret is in the Midihub Editor. It lets you customise the functionality of every port and how they work together. They call these “processing pipelines”. Every pipeline starts with an Input or Generator and ends up at an Output. In between, you can drag-and-drop anything you like and create chains of MIDI commands and processes.


Blokas Midihub Editor

Blokas Midihub Editor

It’s simple, ingenious and can be anything in MIDI you could possibly think of.

Access to crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo is denied to Lithuanian companies and so Blokas are sort of running their own one in a similar style. They are opening for preorders today and have limited numbers at reduced “early bird” pricing with a promise of delivery early next year. That’s still some way off which feels like the only snag to this otherwise very interesting product. But for a reduced price of €98 it’s the sort of thing you could buy and forget about for 4 months and then enjoy it when it arrives… assuming you haven’t solved the problem you were buying it to solve in the meantime.

More information

  • Blokas website and preorder page.


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