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Missing In Action Laboratories has super-ized its Fat, Thin, and Muscle one-knob audio processors with the release of Super Fat, Super Thin, and Super Muscle. The clean user interfaces and minimal control schemes of the Super Bundle plug-ins let you make the most of these processors with minimal effort. Instant gratification is the name of the game here, and if that’s not really your thing, there are plenty of feature-rich plug-ins out there to sink your teeth into!


More Chub

Super Fat is a bass enhancer plug-in with the ability to gently maximize low frequencies and “grease up” (thicken) your tracks with added harmonics. MIA recommends it for club genres like Techno, Dub, Reggae and RnB where the low-end extensions can be nicely heard on club sound systems. According to the developers, there is no wrong way of using this plug-in – just add the greasy “to taste”.

Less Chub

Where Super Fat is about thickness, Super Thin is the opposite – a diet pill for overweight tracks that sharpens up dull audio to cut through and sound crisp. Like the rest of the line-up, Super Thin uses a combination of EQ and algorithms from MIA’s Pi&Phi plug-in to achieve its results, adding brilliance without harshness and improving clarity & definition.

Pure Protein

Finally, Super Muscle is about added presence and perceived loudness. Basically a one knob limiter with top-end enhancement for additional mojo and squeezing out that little extra bit out of tracks that may be well-produced but still lack a little oomph.


MIA Super Bundle: Price and availability

The three plug-ins are being sold individually for an introductory price of EUR 19 per plug-in, down from EUR 45. You can buy them in the MIA Super Bundle for an introductory EUR 39, down from EUR 89. That’s a very good bit of money saved right there.

A free 14-day trial is available for Windows and macOS computers. An iLok account is required and both iLok Cloud and the PACE dongles are supported for authorization. The plug-in formats on offer are AAX, AudioUnit and VST2. There are no 32-bit versions.

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