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Mezzabarba Trinity

Mezzabarba Trinity 100-watt all valve head  ·  Source: Mezzabarba

The new Italian-made Mezzabarba Trinity is a 100-Watt all-valve amp head with MIDI control and plenty of gain on tap. With three distinct channels, it should have enough control to keep you busy for ages.

Mezzabarba Trinity

The Mezzabarba Trinity amp head is based around six 12AX7 preamp tubes, four EL34 power output valves and custom transformers by Onori. It has three channels labelled Clean, Drive and Overdrive and you can access 24 different sounds as well as the FX Loop, all of which are programmable. So you get a total of 48 different settings with 128 presets.

Each of the three channels has Boost, Bright, Dual Master and FX Loop functions, making this head super-flexible. The valve driven effects loop can be run in either serial or parallel.

Mezzabarba Trinity

Mezzabarba Trinity


Rear Panel

The Trinity has MIDI in and thru, plus USB for interfacing with as well. On the rear panel, you also get controls for Presence, Feedback, Depth plus controls for Master 1 and Master 2.

Mezzabarba Trinity rear panel

Mezzabarba Trinity rear panel

Custom Options

Interestingly, you can also order custom options that include a SysEx Midi Footswitch, a Parallel FX Loop and a strangely named “USB programmer” option. Sounds like this could be a seriously flexible amp if you need it.

My Italian is terrible, but you can hear a brief overview below. There is a lot going on with that front panel. I did manage to find a brief audio demo from the NAMM show as well, so we can hear the gain this amp head has to offer.

Looks like a good quality amp. Hopefully, it won’t cost the earth, but I imagine it might. Especially if you want to add any of those custom options…


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