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Spark Marshall VST AAX AU Mac PC Mercuriall Audio Software -Spark

Mercuriall Audio Software -Spark  ·  Source: Mercuriall Audio Software


Mercuriall Audio Software’s new guitar amp sim called Spark is due towards the later part of 2016. It is based upon four different virtual Marshall amplifiers, cabinets and effects. This Russian software company already has quite a solid reputation for making virtual amplifiers, so will new one be able to ignite your recordings?


Virtual Marshall

Spark is based upon four Marshall amps and cabinets, with four different overdrive pedals and a set of studio effects as well.

The amp sections are based upon the Marshall AFD with four channels, a Marshall JCM 800 with two channels, a JMP Super Lead with two channels and with a Master Mod, plus a JMP Super Bass with the same twin channels and Master Mod.

That’s a lot of classic Marshall amps in one plugin and then you get a Bogner Uberkab 4×12 with either Celestion G12T-75 or Celestion V30s and a Marshall 1960B 4×12 loaded with Greenbacks or JBL K120s. So a good selection of virtual cabinets as well, all of which are mic’d up with either a virtual Shure SM57, Sennheiser MD441 or a Royer R121 microphone.

Spark Marshall VST AAX AU Mac PC Mercuriall Audio Software -Spark

Mercuriall Audio Software – Spark a virtual Marshall  . Front panel.

Virtual Effects

The virtual effects section includes the following:

Noise Gate

Overdrive based on Ibanez TS-808


Overdrive based on Ibanez TS-808 Lower Drive Mod

Overdrive based on Ibanez TS-7 Hot

Overdrive based MESA/BOOGIE Grid Slammer

Stereo Chorus

Stereo Delay

Stereo Reverb

So the whole software package appears to have the majority of pretty high gain Marshall tones covered with some popular effects that are known to complement them well.

No price has been announced as yet and no more details are available on when the release date will be other than later this year. Maybe one to keep an eye out for if you need a virtual Marshall for your computer’s recording setup, hopefully there will be some audio demos and a trial version of the Spark software soon.

I look forward to hearing this one, as the company already makes some really great virtual amp software and so Spark on paper sounds very interesting indeed. Check out their site below for more details on their Tube Amp Ultra 530 software for Mac/PC and Amp ONE for iPad, plus they have some great free stuff as well!

Spark price TBC

Available for Mac and PC when finally released.

Mercuriall Audio Software site here

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  • Mercuriall Audio Software -Spark. Front panel, a virtual Marshall: Mercuriall Audio Software
Spark Marshall VST AAX AU Mac PC Mercuriall Audio Software -Spark

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