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Teenage Engineering Choir

Meet the Teenage Engineering Choir!


The Teenage Engineering Choir consists of eight individually stylized wooden dolls, each culturally representing a different part of the world with its own specific vocal range.


If Teenage Engineering does anything well, it’s keeping you guessing. Just in time for the holidays, this little choir has a repertoire of classics to bring enjoyment – even to the most skeptical audiences.

What does the Teenage Engineering Choir sound like?

Individually the voices might sound like something from a Daft Punk record, but together the mesmeric mystique of the interwoven voices actually comes across soulfully, in a strange way.

To begin the performance, these little critters are equipped with sensors that respond to your gestures. By gently tapping the doll on the head you can play or pause the singing, and tilting it to the left or right changes the volume.

To cease the singing abruptly, you can give the doll a reprimanding smack, like some tyrannical choirmaster.

Teenage Engineering Choir

The Choir members respond to a set of gestures.

While singing solo, the algorithm introduces more dynamics to add intimacy to the performance. Meanwhile, when two or more choir members sing together, they intuitively recognize each other and sing according to the correct range in order to create an immersive and authentic experience.

To make things even more interesting, the choir member’s sensors are MIDI-compatible. That’s right friends, you can use your OP-1, OP-Z, or any other MIDI device with Bluetooth connectivity. In addition, you can use an ortho remote for wireless control.


Playing back your compositions is easy, as when you pair one doll, the rest follow suit automatically. What’s more, the algorithmic variation allows each performance to be unique, which is certainly an inspiring thought.

Pricing and availability:

Each of the eight choir members is available individually from the Teenage Engineering online store at a price of $249.

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Teenage Engineering Choir

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3 responses to “The Teenage Engineering Choir: a collection of intuitive singing dolls”

    Sean says:

    Cool article but yowza on that price-tag. I mean… who will actually buy these?

    Feurope says:

    Like the record player this again an overpriced rebranded toy? Like the idea though, still, the price, hah!

    speelypaptor says:

    great idea, but unfortunately too expensive. it would have been nice if you could at least update the dolls with the different model firmwares. i’d consider buying a 6 voice eurorack module with the sound engine in a heartbeat

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