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Brian Eno's turntable

Brian Eno's turntable is an interactive light installation.  ·  Source: Paul Stolper Gallery


In their latest collaboration, Brian Eno and the Paul Stolper Gallery in London have developed a limited edition turntable with a difference. Only 50 units of this color cycling LED turntable will be sold, bringing this light installation art piece into the homes of a lucky few. Eno, the well-known ambient music pioneer has always been inspired by immersive lighting within the visual side of his artistic output and has now merged his musical and visual interests in a singular interactive project.


Describing the light emitted from the turntable as “tangible as if caught in a cloud of vapor,” Eno said he was “transfixed by this totally new experience of light as a physical presence.” As if to bring the focus toward the form and symbolism of this piece rather than the branding or engineering specifications, there is little to no info surrounding the mechanical design, other than that of the turntable’s dimensions. Which factory hatched these LED-infused turntables remains a mystery, along with any technical data about them.

Light cycling turntable.

Eno’s LED turntable is something to behold.

Definitely built to be an art piece rather than a product, the key to the design is surely the fact that the turntable cycles through different colors during playback, creating a subtle ambient light show to accompany your listening session. Each individually numbered turntable is also engraved with Eno’s signature on its side, making it an even more personalized piece. Purchase inquiries can be made online through the Paul Stolper Gallery. As each day we cement ourselves further into the streaming media age, a project like this will serve, if anything, as a novel reminder to appreciate the passage of time captured in the process of listening to records.

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  • Eno's LED turntable is something to behold.: Paul Stolper Gallery
Brian Eno's turntable

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