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MoFi and Fender PrecisionDeck

MoFi and Fender PrecisionDeck  ·  Source: MoFi


Fender has partnered with audio technology company Mobile Fidelity Electronics to create its first-ever turntable, the PrecisionDeck. Yes, you can now buy a Fender branded three-tone sunburst record player!


Fender PrecisionDeck

Designed by Master Builder Yuriy Shishkov, the PrecisionDeck turntable is a collaboration between Fender and audio electronics company MoFi, and limited to only 1000 units worldwide. They’re priced at $3495 each, which in hi-fi terms is pretty mid-range, so it won’t replace your souped-up Linn Sondek LP12.

Fender PrecisionDeck in sunburst finish

Fender PrecisionDeck in sunburst finish · Source: MoFi


The turntables have some pretty decent specifications. They include a 1.3″ Delrin platter that weighs in at 6.8 pounds, a 300RPM isolated AC synchronous motor, plus a 10″ straight aluminium gimbaled bearing Ultra tonearm with Cardas Audio wiring, along with hardened-steel inverted bearing system, anti-vibration feet, and a dust cover.

According to the specs, the main body is made out of swamp ash. In fact, they are the very same blocks of wood that Fender uses for its Precision Bass models. Let’s hope they dampened it internally, as that wood can ring like a bell!


The cartridge housing has been milled from solid aluminium billet, and it has pure Ohno continuous-cast copper coils and a trademarked Micro Linear diamond stylus. It is apparently all pre-mounted with this MoFi MasterTracker pickup, which has two low-mass magnets aligned in a V formation parallel to the record’s grooves. Therefore, it should track your favourite slab of vinyl perfectly.

The whole deck comes in at 25.5 pounds, so it is quite substantial and, I’d imagine, pretty well made.

MoFi Electronics - Fender x MoFi PrecisionDeck Limited Edition Turntable

MoFi Electronics – Fender x MoFi PrecisionDeck Turntable · Source: MoFi

Limited Edition

Each of the 1000 units is individually numbered and comes in a classic Fender three-tone sunburst finish. So if you enjoy your vinyl and happen to be a massive Fender fan, then this limited edition turntable could be for you.

MoFi Electronics - Fender x MoFi PrecisionDeck Limited Edition

MoFi Electronics – Fender x MoFi PrecisionDeck Limited Edition · Source: MoFi Electronics

Guitar theme Hi-Fi?

I think it would look great set up with a pair of those (ahem) lovely Gibson studio monitors from the glory years of Henry J! Maybe, we will see a relic version sometime in the future?

You can read the full specifications of the new Fender/MoFi PrecisionDeck from the link below.

More MoFi Fender PrecisionDeck Information

MoFi and Fender PrecisionDeck

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5 responses to “Fender and MoFi team up for limited edition PrecisionDeck turntable”

    Guitarero says:

    Actually those “pair of those (ahem) lovely Gibson studio monitors from the glory years of Henry J” are more than ok. Got two new cheap when stores were dumping them and they look great and sound good. Typical of this site to bash brands, very proferssional, don’t you think?

      JP says:

      The inconsistency of this particular writer does frustrate me, for example slagging off the price of the Fender Boxer guitars, then saying that an equivalent Fender Japan guitar at a similar price point is great. Not to mention the constant unbridled praise for bargain basement Thomann – sorry Harley Benton – tat.

      However, it’s less ‘proferssional’ (sic) to say that every single thing a manufacturer does is wonderful. Much as I love Gibson, like every manufacturer it has produced some wonderful things, some so-so things and some real turkeys.

        Jef says:

        I just am not a fan of the Boxer, as grew up with the original ’80s version and hated them. So I genuinely think these modern ones are overpriced for what you are getting. As for the Gibson Monitors, I never said anything about not liking them, they just fall into a similar bracket to the Fender turntable, as not directly guitar orientated, but in the related area of listening to music.

          JP says:

          Would a motoring writer who disliked the original 1976 Ford Fiesta let their prejudice colour their review of the 2021 model?

          Sorry Jef, but I think that’s a really weak justification for the inconsistency in some of your reviews.

          I liked the original Boxers, but I would just note that and then review the current ones purely on their own merits. As it happens I found the current Boxer PJ bass a little underwhelming, but the Strat acquitted itself rather better than similarly-priced American Performer Strats. It’s always good to keep an open mind.

    Jef says:

    We didn’t review the guitar, the article is a news item and my job is to give my personal opinions on new guitars and equipment. And not to regurgitate press releases. If I was sent one to review, then the format is always very different to a news item. I think you may have a different idea about how these articles are constructed.

    As an example, here is one of my reviews, based on myself playing the guitar in question, for an extended period and comparing it to similar instruments.

    Gearnews generally focuses on ‘news’ and we all write articles, based on our perspectives of new gear. It doesn’t mean we are right or wrong, but just that we have a view based on the information given to us at launch.

    For example, I have often disliked new gear on launch, to later finding out I actually like it once I use it. Though, that is not guaranteed. Likewise, I may have loved the news about some gear, only to find out later that actually I really don’t like it at all, as it falls short of the information given to us before the official release.

    Experience is useful and I can draw from mine, and sometimes I really like/dislike certain things, based on my own history with such an item.

    If we are reviewing an item, then it will clearly state in the article that we have used it/played it, etc

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