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Marantz MPM-4000U

Marantz MPM-4000U  ·  Source: Marantz

Marantz MPM-4000U

Marantz MPM-4000U  ·  Source: Marantz

Marantz is expanding its line of USB podcasting microphones with the new MPM-4000U. The condenser microphone comes with everything you need to start recording directly to your computer or mobile device.

Marantz MPM-4000U

Podcasting and live streaming are more popular than ever, and USB microphones are a great solution. They plug directly into your computer, which means that you don’t need an audio interface or preamp to start recording. Marantz Professional has just announced a new USB condenser microphone designed as an affordable, yet high-quality solution for podcasting, streaming and conferencing.

The Marantz MPM-4000U is a condenser microphone with a 14 mm capsule and a cardioid polar pattern. Marantz says that this ensures that your voice is picked up clearly, while reducing unwanted background noise. The microphone connects to your computer or mobile device via a USB-C connectoron the bottom. This is also where you’ll find a headphone jack for monitoring, which is quite convenient.

Marantz MPM-4000U

The MPM-4000U connects via USB-C

The front panel offers a mute button in case you need to mute your own voice during a conference call or gaming session. There’s also a gain knob for adjusting the recording volume, as well as a volume knob for the headphone monitor signal.

According to Marantz, the MPM-4000U works with Mac and Windows computers and iOS and Android devices. You can attach it to a microphone stand using the included clip, or use the included tripod stand to place it on your desktop.

With the included accessories and convenient USB-C connectivity for most computers and mobile devices, the Marantz MPM-4000U looks like a great choice for anyone looking to get into podcasting, streaming or desktop recording without breaking the bank. It does face some competition, however, as we’ve seen quite a few inexpensive USB condenser mics come out over the past couple of years.

Price and availability

The Marantz MPM-4000U is now available for pre-order at* for €99.

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