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Manson MA 2020 Red Santa Limited Edition

Manson MA 2020 Red Santa Limited Edition  ·  Source: Manson

The new MA 2020 Red Santa Limited Edition from Manson Guitar Works comes with all manner of craziness. The guitar features an eye-catching Metallic Holosparkle Red finish, and offers a host of customisable options. You might need a bigger stocking though.

Manson MA 2020 Red Santa Limited Edition

The Matt Bellamy influence is very strong on this new Manson MA 2020 Red Santa Limited Edition model. And that Metallic Holosparkle Red finish is a real head-turner, too. In fact, the whole guitar demands attention and looks like it could put up a good fight in a battle of heavy riffs and guitar craziness.

It comes loaded with a set of custom Manson PF pickups, made at the company’s Ashburton workshops, and includes quality components like the solid-shaft CTS Push Pull potentiometers and Manson custom hardware. Coil tap is a standard option on all models and the MIDI versions have the screen controller with a new, high-polish aluminium surround.

Manson MA 2020 Red Santa Limited Edition

Manson MA 2020 Red Santa Limited Edition

Options Galore!

You can customise the model with all sorts of crazy stuff including onboard MIDI controllers, effects, and other kind-of-insane things that made Muse frontman Matt Bellamy famous. Options include a Sustainiac, or a built-in ZVex Fuzz Factory… or both! But if that is too normal for you, how about a MIDI Sustainiac setup? Or wail forever with a Floyd Rose and Sustainiac setup instead!

If you read my recent 10 Best Signature Guitars, you’ll know that I thought the MBM-1 Manson Meta Silver was a fantastic guitar. Now, you can get its bigger brother on steroids, with all those extra fun things added. And in a brilliant and festive sparkly red finish! As a limited edition run, this model is on offer for only a short while. Prices start form £1679 and you can contact Manson Guitar Works directly to discuss the options you want.

RRP – from GBP 1679

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