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Manson Guitar Works MA and Verona Junior

Manson Guitar Works MA and Verona Junior  ·  Source: Manson Guitar Works


Manson Guitar Works has just released the UK-produced MA and Verona Junior models, offering a UK-produced guitar at a never-before-seen price point for the company.


MA and Verona Junior

These new Manson Guitar Works MA and Verona Junior are a brand new range of very affordable guitars produced in the UK.

Produced in the same Ashburton workshops in Devon, as the recently announced “New Era” MB-1 guitars, they have undergone the same extensive programming development whilst emphasising production methods to create a very high-spec instrument at a new entry price.

Manson Guitar Works MA and Verona Junior Launch Edition

Simple, Elegant Design

The Junior range is available in two distinct existing Manson body outlines, the time-tested and award-winning MA, plus the classically styled Verona outline.

These simple yet elegant designs come with the same attention to detail and quality as the more established MGW models. Their Ashburton factory has created an instrument featuring a solid obeche body, Gotoh hardware, a Manson “Dirty Rascal” Alnico V humbucker, with a kill button and series/parallel “MOJO” feature on the single push/push volume control.

They come with a maple neck with a 12″ radius rosewood fretboard. Each model also features a hard anodised aluminium pickguard.


Manson Guitar Works MA and Verona Junior Launch Edition

Left Handed

Left-handed models will be available to order from release, with no up-charge, which I think is a great way to sell guitars. Especially, because these aren’t mass-produced, factory-made instruments on a huge production line.

The Launch Edition Junior models feature the ultra-high specifications of Manson Guitars custom creations which means the hardware for this launch run includes black Gotoh 510 hardware and they come in a quality MONO gig bag as standard.

Manson Guitar Works MA and Verona Junior Launch Edition

Value For Money

At only £1399 each, these guitars offer great value for money, as this is a UK-built instrument from a team of builders that take pride in their work. Yes, you could go buy a Mexican-made Fender for similar money, but that is a mass-produced guitar so it won’t have the same level of attention to detail.

I think Manson Guitar Works is on to a winner here, as they are already well-renowned worldwide for building high-quality, high-specification guitars. Therefore, these more affordable, paired-back models make a lot of sense.

They are available in Open Pore Neon Green, Miami Blue and Neon Pink, Dry Satin Black, and Vivid Mustard Yellow finishes.

MSRP – GBP 1399 

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Manson Guitar Works MA and Verona Junior

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3 responses to “Manson Guitar Works MA and Verona Junior – Affordable UK built models”

    John M says:

    For £100 less you can get PJD. Also “a UK-built instrument from a team of builders that take pride in their work”, but with more features.

      James says:

      What more features? No kill switch and unless you want an almost carbon copy of a Strat (then why just not buy a real Strat?) you can only get a trad Fender- or Gibson-esque design.

      I’m not trashing PJD. Good luck to them – and all British builders. But the MGW guitars are aimed at a different part of the market, clearly. No-one is choosing a PJD York over Manson MA Junior – or vice-versa.

    James says:

    I really like how the finish sinks into the open grain. Along with the aluminium scratchplate, these are going to show the player’s wear like a 50s Fender. But those colour choices are … brave. Shell Pink and maybe I’ll take a closer look. Though Miami Blue is fantastic; I have a Fender Strat with that colour and it really pops.

    And well done team for not making half the article about how there’s a much cheaper alternative from *another* company.

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