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Make Noise QMMG

Make Noise QMMG  ·  Source: Make Noise


The Quad Multi-Mode Gate or QMMG is inspired by the Buchla 292 Quad Lo-Pass Gate. Make Noise they felt they should increase the functionality by cosmic proportions. They are making a small number as part of their 10-year anniversary celebration and you’ll have to turn up at the party personally if you want one.


Quad Multi-Mode Gate

The key component to the QMMG is the vactrol – the light receptive resistor circuit that brings a classic plucked feel to synthesizers. It’s what gives Low-Pass Gates (LPG) their distinctive sound. Make Noise say they’ve found enough of these vactrols to enable them to build a short run of the QMMG. It will have the black and gold front plate that mirrors their Shared System.

The QMMG consists of 4 independent vactrol controlled channels. But unlike the Buchla these can be used in several ways. Each channel can be a VCA, a Low-Pass filter, a Hi-Pass filter or the original Low-Pass Gate. As well as individual outputs there’s a mix output that carries all the signals. The channels are normalised through so you could plug a signal into channel 1 and use all 4 channels on it without patching. Once any other input is patched then that chain is broken. This also applies to CV modulation so you can control multiple channels from a single CV input.

The feedback knob varies in function depending on the mode. In LPG mode it dampens the ringing of the LPG circuit making the amplitude modulation envelope tighter and shorter. In VCA mode it affects the overall gain. In Hi and Low-pass modes it becomes the resonance.



Make Noise say that due to the severely limited supply of vactrols these are only going to be available at the anniversary party, in person, 1 per guest. The celebration takes place in Asheville, NC on the weekend of June 15th – 17th. There’s all sorts of stuff going on including an installation from Richard Devine, films, Modular-on-the-spot, synthesizer museum, panel discussions and performances. Most of the events are free but the Saturday night concert and happy hour require a $30 ticket.

Looks like a really good time! The QMMG seems like such an awesome module that there must be a way to generate more vactrols suitable to continue production – but who knows? Get one while you can. No pricing yet.

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Make Noise QMMG

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