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RYK M185 System 100M

RYK M185 System 100M  ·  Source: RYK, Roland

RYK M185 with the original

RYK M185 with the original  ·  Source: RYK, Matrixsynth

RYK Modular has gone full circle to bring a new version of their M185 sequencer back to the Roland System 100M.

M185 System 100M

Apparently, this is the first new module for the vintage Roland modular system for 35 years which is slightly odd because Jake from RYK began his modular building journey by designing his original Roland based M185 in 2009 – maybe that’s what he’s referring to. However, it’s true to say that he’s the only person doing anything in this format which either makes this very special or a bit nuts.

What is fascinating is to see it come full circle. Jake designed the M185 sequencer to give him control over stages of a sequence in his Roland System 100m. The idea is that each sequence step has a number of gate/repeat/rhythm options which can turn 8 steps into a very versatile and playable sequence of up to 64 notes. The idea was licensed by Intellijel who put it to work successfully in the Metropolis. Jake wandered away from modular and came back last year with the release of the M185 Eurorack sequencer which evolves his original idea into quite an awesome sequencer module. That evolution now finds itself back to the Roland System 100M with the new and improved M185.

The functionality is the same as the 3.5 firmware version of the M185 for Eurorack but brilliantly redesigned into the size of a System 100M module. This includes the ability to split it into 2 channels, multiple sequencing directions, glide, gate time control and MIDI In/Out.

The module looks perfect and is very close to his original design.

RYK M185 with the original

RYK M185 with the original

How many System 100M users are out there as potential customers is hard to say but you can preorder one for £595.

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I did a review of the Eurorack M185 which will give you a good idea about what this M185 can do.

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