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LMNC #1222 in Kosmo and Eurorack format

LMNC #1222 in Kosmo and Eurorack format  ·  Source: LMNC


Look Mum No Computer is shrinking his Kosmo format modules down to Eurorack kicking off with the #1222 Performance VCO.



Sam Battle A.K.A. Look Mum No Computer developed a modular system based around the metric 5U system. He called the format “Kosmo” and these oversized modules were based on Eurorack specs but with much larger knobs and jack sockets. Basically, the idea was that he was able to use the larger modules more effectively in live performance.

There’s a brilliant range of modules available as DIY kits and he’s adding to them all the time. It makes a lot of sense to bring them down to Eurorack sizing in terms of compatibility and reaching a wider market, but I’m still quite surprised!

#1222 Performance VCO

The #1222 is the first of the Kosmo modules to be produced as a Eurorack module. It’s fully built and available in stores right now. It has retained all the unique look and hand-drawn artwork of the Kosmo series, including those awesome knobs.

LMNC #1222 Performance VCO

LMNC #1222 Performance VCO

The VCO is based on the CEM3340/AS3340 chip that’s found in so many synthesizers and modules that we’ve really lost count. It has three waveform outputs with square, sawtooth and triangle options on individual outputs. There’s pulse width modulation, FM and Sync inputs. If you’re wondering, that display on the front is a built-in tuner. Sam has designed the oscillator to have a fine-tune control of exactly 1 octave and then another knob which switches octaves up and down. This enables you to tune it very precisely.

The original had a “Link” connection on the back for future development – I’m not sure what happened with that and it was probably something to do with his huge oscillator projects. It’s not clear if that forms part of the Eurorack version.

Available now with more to come

The #1222 Performance VCO is available now for £229. You can see the forthcoming and undoubtedly riotous filter in this Instagram:


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  • LMNC #1222 Performance VCO: LMNC
LMNC #1222 in Kosmo and Eurorack format

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One response to “Look Mum No Computer brings Kosmo #1222 Performance VCO to Eurorack”

    Vincent Vice says:

    So good news for the industry: Make Noise couldn’t snatch _all_ AHDS-impaired product designers right off the streets…

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