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Kosmo Filter and OBA

Kosmo Filter and OBA  ·  Source: Look Mum No Computer

Sam Battle has smashed his mission to produce a Kosmo format module a month for a year with the #1114 Funky Filter Grr and #1171 OBA bring the total up to 13 and celebrates with an explanatory video.

Kosmo Format

Sam created the “Kosmo” format in order to build larger sized Eurorack modules for making live performance easier. The modules are 20cm tall which he calls “metric 5U” whereas Eurorack modules are 3U tall. It still uses the same power connections and CV voltages as Eurorack but the panels and controls are much larger. The range includes VCAs a Performance Filter, VCO, LFO, Delay, ADSR, Mixer, Megadrone and MIDI-to-CV converter. There’s a lively forum community that has sprung up around the format over on the Look Mum No Computer website.

1114 Funky Filter

Also known as the “Filter Grr!” the 1114 is a character-filled filter based on the LM13700 chip that can also step, clip and amplify. Sam says “So this is a right weirdo!!” and he’s probably right.

1114 Funky Filter

1114 Funky Filter

1171 OBA

It’s an Offset Boost Attenuvert which means it can offset voltage, boost it about 10 times its original level and invert it. It’s a 2-channel device and you can use it to boost guitar signals or levels from piezo microphones and merge them with other signals. You can also use it as a distortion module or for smashing signals together.

1171 OBA

1171 OBA


Both modules are available as PCB and Front Panel kits for £28 and £21 respectively. You’ll have to source the rest of the parts yourself but full instructions and a BOM are available on the website.

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