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Roland TR-808 external render

Roland TR-808 external render  ·  Source:

Roland TR-808 external render

Roland TR-808 external render  ·  Source:

The Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA) have produced an interactive animated render of the classic Roland TR-808 drum machine. It Lists all the functions, inside and out and let you spin and zoom in 3D space. It’s the closest most of us will get to having the real thing.


The RBMA do a superb job of bringing the TR-808 to life. They give you three views, fully annotated with helpful descriptions. Simply grab the 3D rendered and beautifully lit virtual 808 with your mouse. Then you can look at it from any angle. You can also zoom in on exactly the bit you want to see.

View two brings up a transparent, exploded version displaying the internal wiring and connections. Again it’s all labelled up, not in minute detail but it gives you an overview of the transformer, shield cover, microchip PCB and power supply.

Finally, they round it off with a simple step through of creating a pattern.

This is basic stuff, but so often the basics get lost because we all assume we were born knowing classic gear. RBMA have done a number of these interactive graphics and it’s a great resource for people who are coming to this gear for the first time.

Check out the one they did on the Roland Space Echo and the Doepfer A-100 modular synthesizer.

The TR-808 interaction can be found on the Red Bull Music Academy website.

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