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Novation Summit leak

Novation Summit leak  ·  Source: Christian Fender Facbook

A page from a German music tech magazine (Beat, we think) posted on Facebook reveals what looks like a stretch version of the Novation Peak complete with keyboard and extended functionality. It’s appropriately named Summit and looks really rather good.


What I can gather from the short summary is that it’s a mixture of analogue sounds, digital wavetables and FM synthesis. It all runs through an analogue multimode filter section. Along with an additional stereo output, there’s also a stereo input for mixing external sources through the filter and effects. Modulation is available through a 16 slot matrix with 4 LFOs and envelopes and this also includes messing with the effects parameters. The keyboard comes from the SL MkIII controller keyboard. The 61 keys can be layered and split and has aftertouch, an arpeggiator and chords with over 30 patterns.

Novation Summit leak

Novation Summit leak

I kind of assumed it would also contain the sequencing power of the SL MkIII, but as far as I can see that’s not featured here. No doubt many more details are to come – but the price is set at €2200.

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