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Akai MPC Live standalone sampler leaked image

Akai MPC Live standalone sampler leaked image  ·  Source:

Akai MPC Live rear

Akai MPC Live rear  ·  Source:

Akai MPC Live connection diagram from Quick Start Guide

Akai MPC Live connection diagram from Quick Start Guide  ·  Source:


A new Akai MPC Live standalone machine looks set for release if these leaked images are anything to go by. The FCC is an American government body that approves wireless devices and technology and appears to have inadvertently published all the details from Akai’s application.



Well, maybe these things are always available because all the information is still there. Without the reference number I guess you’d never stumble across it. Maybe it was just a lucky find. All I know is that I came across a Facebook post on the Novation Circuit owners group with the link. Someone else added a link to an article on Ask.Audio but they seemed to think there was just a couple of photos, but as far as I can see there’s a lot of photos and also a “Quick Start Guide” manual that’s packed with information about the unit.

Some leaks are intentional, some are unfortunate and some come from unlikely places. This is definitely the later.


MPC Live

Assuming all this information is legit and current – the application is from September 2016 – then this is what we know about the new MPC Live. Firstly it looks almost identical to the MPC Touch from the front. The only change being that the screen is flush with the case whereas on the Touch it was recessed. The I/O on the back is different, you’ve got a lot more going on. Full sized MIDI ports, SD card and USB drive ports, phono inputs and a number of other outputs. It appears to be a lot thicker and chunkier than the Touch version in order to fit all these ports in and also to contain the technology it needs to be self-contained. This isn’t just a controller like the MPC Touch, this is an instrument in its own right.

Akai MPC Live connection diagram from Quick Start Guide

Akai MPC Live connection diagram from Quick Start Guide · Source:

It’s a standalone MPC, no computer required, with a multi-touch, full colour display. There’s 16GB of on-board storage and 2GB of RAM for sampling. You can expand the storage with SSD or HD drives. There’s two pairs of full sized MIDI I/O, phono inputs with ground peg, and two USB 3.0 slots for thumb drives or MIDI controllers. It has an internal battery and can act as a controller for the MPC 2.0 software.

All the various buttons and controls are detailed in the guide but they look to be the same as the MPC Touch.

Availability and price? Who knows, but the MPC Touch goes for around £500 so you’ve got to be looking at something nearer £1000 for a standalone sampler and beat making workstation. All the information is available on the FCC website here. Hopefully In Music and Akai will be making a more official announcement soon!

Akai MPC Live standalone sampler leaked image

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