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Akai APC Live

Akai APC Live  ·  Source:

Slightly dodgy-looking images have appeared on the internet of what appears to be a mash-up between the Akai MPC Live sampler and APC controller. It even appears to have a name: APC Live.


Update: the source of these images and also a Quick Start manual for the APC Live is the FCC filing and registration information (thanks for the tip Jake). The images are not the fabulous marketing ones we’re used to but the manual gives us some useful information.

The display is a full-colour touch-display for sample editing, sequencing, mixing and a matrix view for arranging clips. To the left are the transport controls and navigation. To the right we have a data dial, and crossfader for mixing between A and B assignments. Then in the middle are assignable knobs with displays. The main section is the Clip Launch Pads with scene launch pads to the right. Down the left are editing buttons, sequencer and arpeggiator modes, track selectors and assignments.

Akai APC Live test image

Akai APC Live test image

The photos are just for testing purposes and look like they were taken on a top-secret spy mission with a kids camera.

The Quick Started manual doesn’t go into any detail of how this integrates with Ableton Live – but perhaps that’s a presumption and maybe the APC Live is completely stand-alone. It does have it’s own sequencer and session view with clip arranging. So maybe this is an Ableton-free device.

Akai APC Live

Akai APC Live

It’s also really interesting to note the CV/Gate sockets.

Akai APC Live

Akai APC Live

The inputs have their own gain controls and Line/Instrument switch. There’s also a handy USB hub.

Instagram has also picked it up with a different image and there’s a lot of discussion about the authenticity, but we’re pretty certain this is for real.


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That’s all we have at the moment. If anything else emerges we’ll let you know.

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6 responses to “Leaked Akai APC Live images: Is this thing for real? (updated)”

  1. Why are there 1.4″ jacks in the spots under MIDI?

  2. steez says:

    Heard bad things about the cv/gate jacks on the MPCX. Something like unit doesn’t have enough power to drive cv gear properly. Hopefully they’re not just some crap gimmick. Probably won’t buy it just based on the fact that the function buttons being those super stiff rubber where you have to hammer on them just go get contact like most all controllers/hardware nowadays.

  3. steez says:

    Also in the second photo why’s it sitting on a bundle of drugs?

    • Angus says:

      Ha! Looks like they were measuring EM radiation, or noise, as part of certification. A big heap of ganj is obviously a good absorber and helps get a clean reading?

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