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AKAI MPC Key 61 leak

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Synth Anatomy reported those meddling modders over at the MPC Live X and Force hacking modding custom Facebook group discovered some juicy intel in the 2.10 firmware update that AKAI dropped this Tuesday. It contains a new render of the 61-key sampling keyboard which AKAI has been building as a key-driven variant of its current MPC workstations.


AKAI MPC Key 61 leak

We first heard of this keyboard in February after an older render was found in the 2.9 firmware update. Back then, it was called Pro Force 6 and the render looked like this:

AKAI Pro Force 6 render

AKAI Pro Force 6 render

Apparently, the keyboard is now called MPC Key 61 to designate it as part of the MPC line-up rather than the Force clip launchers and controllers. The new render looks like this:

MPC Key 61 render

MPC Key 61 render

We see a 61-key keyboard decked out with controls (keys, pads, knobs, mod wheels, touch strip) appropriate for the current MPC firmware/software. While the older render resembled more of a Force-style clip launcher to the left of the keyboard, the new one shows a classic 4 x 4 grid of pads that’s in line with the MPC workflow. There are also a touch display, four Q-Link controllers, and transport buttons. We can see the faint markers labeling the keyboard’s inputs and outputs, but we can’t read them unless we deploy some TV forensics.

From the available information, we can deduce that the MPC Key 61 and Pro Force 6 won’t be separate products. Rather, the Pro Force 6 has become a keyboard MPC. There’s plenty of room for two distinct sampling workstations based on the modern MPC platform, though. So AKAI may or may have not ditched the Pro Force 6 concept. We’ll have to wait for more leaks (or the eventual releases) before we know for sure.

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11 responses to “Leak: AKAI Pro MPC Key 61 sampling workstation found in 2.10 update”

  1. Ron says:

    This looks great hope it makes it to market…

  2. Reyescult says:

    I cut my teeth on the Ensoniq EPS and ASR-10 back in the day, and I adore my MPC X. I’ve been dreaming about a new keyboard sampler, and I’d be all over an MPC Keyboard. Especially with the 2.10 updates!

  3. Matt Dogpaddle says:

    Love this innovation! What will they think of next? I wonder if anyone at Akai has ever thought of making a rack mount module MPC?

  4. dr-w says:

    one for me, please! in black!

  5. Jef says:

    This looks super cool. The MPC software is so incredibly powerful and have it in a keyboard form would be phenomenal. I hope the front panel is angle or tilt-able. Hunching over that screen doesn’t sound too fun.

    • peter karczewski says:

      I hope it has compatibility to plug into a monitor and also have extra controller like a mouse. Back to the old skool

  6. Tony says:

    This looks really interesting. I just hope they build with a great-feeling keyboard and metal chassis. I’m not a fan of the cheap plasticky MPCs. Hope this turns out to be a modern ASR10.

  7. K says:

    49 key plz!!!

  8. Joojep says:

    I wish they would add a 64 step sequencer above the keybed and under that along and narrow screen to display not information etc for the keybed…and the step sequencer would work for beats mut also for melodies. Eg. Push a button and then a key or a child you want to record on that step…would be killer way to work.

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