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KVgear Vixen Volca mixer

KVgear Vixen Volca mixer  ·  Source: KVgear

We all love Korg Volca’s so much that you always end up with more than one. And before long getting to hear them all at once requires a mixer. Mixers can become an annoyingly big, overly complex necessary evil. KVgear hopes to sort that out with the Vixen – a mixer designed for Volcas.

KVgear Vixen

It’s a nice idea if, perhaps, a bit too specific. But the Vixen gives you 6 mono and 2 stereo channels, with level, mute and panning. There are 2 aux send/returns, a main output and a headphone. But what makes it Volca specific is the onboard hub that has the ability to power 8 of the Korg boxes of noise. It’s also built to have the same footprint as a Volca. So rather than getting in the way and taking up an inordinate amount of space, it can sit nicely and uniformly along side.

KVgear are showing the prototype at Knobcon in Chicago. They are hoping to raise funds and interest on Kickstarter that launches next week. They are known for their synthesizer stands and accessories and this is (I think) their first foray into proper electrical hardware. It’s very neat  device that can pull together the increasing number of little boxes we find on our desks. I’m sure it can be used for non-Volca synths and other noise makers and they’ll need to make sure everyone understands that.

Currently, the only information is on their Facebook page but more should become available on the website once the Kickstarter launches.

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