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Korg Volca Mix

Korg Volca Mix  ·  Source: Gearslutz

Korg Volca Mix

Korg Volca Mix  ·  Source: Gearskutz

Korg Volca Mix

Korg Volca Mix  ·  Source: Korg

Minutes after reeling from the leak of the Prologue, Korg take another hit in a leaked image of what’s called the “Volca Mix”. But now we have all the official details direct from Korg.

Korg Volca Mix

It’s a four-channel analog mixer designed to mix Volcas. Although those 4 channels consist of two 2 mono and 1 stereo channel making it really a 3 channel mixer for anything helpful. The idea is that you plug in 3 Volcas – it could be something else of course but Volca’s is what this all about.

You have faders, gain knobs, mute buttons and a Hi/Lo filter on every channel. There’s is a send and an auxiliary input, headphones and sync out. The Volca Mix becomes the master clock for your whole rig with a tempo knob and LED tempo display.

On the left side are some power connectors to pass power through to Volcas. Finishing it off is a stereo pair of speakers which you can turn on or off in order to use the line output.

We saw the Vixen Mixer at SynthFest last summer which does a similar job. It’s not quite out yet but handles a lot more channels, but just, for me never looked very nice. The Volca Mix is smaller, cheaper and has a tempo display and speakers over the Vixen. It could have been flashier but I think Korg has done a nice balanced job on this.

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