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Krischer M8

Krischer M8  ·  Source: Krischer


Another beautiful sleek box of oscillators from Krischer, this time it has eight of them all ready to go in the M8 analog polyphonic synthesizer.



I struggle a bit to call it a synthesizer. I mean it’s 8 beautifully realised oscillators in a nice looking box with fabulously cool knobs and gorgeously illuminating silver on/off buttons, but it doesn’t contain any of the other bits and pieces that we would typically associate with being a synthesizer. There’s no CV or MIDI input, no filter, envelope or modulation. In fact there’s nothing other than 8 oscillators and those lovely knobs and buttons.

Krischer released a 3-oscillator one last year but in a V2 update he added CV inputs so you could actually control the pitch from an external source. That, for me, transformed it into a workable and useful 3-note synthesizer. But without that, the M8 is a simple but very capable drone machine for messing about with tones and the interaction of oscillators.


The lack of information on the product in the Reverb store is slightly depressing but the price of £132.48 is great value for a beautifully handmade box of oscillators. Apparently, if you ask nicely Krischer might add CV inputs – I think that might be a nice idea. I really like these boxes but they just need a little bit more to make them useful in my view.

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Krischer M8

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One response to “Krischer M8: A stripped-back 8-oscillator analog drone machine”

    LLLLLLL says:

    It’s undeniably beautiful in its simplicity.

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