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Dreadbox Antiphon

Dreadbox Antiphon  ·  Source: Dreadbox

Dreadbox Antiphon

Dreadbox Antiphon  ·  Source: Dreadbox

Dreadbox has announced a limited edition DIY Eurorack kit of a monophonic synthesizer voice they are calling ANTIPHON. 


There’s a lot about this synth voice module that’s a little bit strange. The layout is strange, it’s very wide, it has a dirty great big spring reverb attached and it appears to have 8 oscillators which is unusual for a monophonic synthesizer.

Antiphon uses 8 sine wave oscillators with individual outputs, level and pitch controls. There’s one pitch input for controlling the pitch of all the oscillators together but they also have individual pitch inputs so you can use each one independently. Doesn’t that make it somehow polyphonic with paraphonic articulation, or at least 8 times monophonic or something? Otherwise, you can set each one to a different pitch generating these large chords or drones or musical adventures while following the pitch input path. Oscillators 7 and 8 can also be used as LFOs as they are designed to go down to very slow oscillations. You’ve then got a 2-pole high and low pass filter and a single VCA.

The big thing is definitely the reverb which lends it a very otherworldly quality. It has a gain slider which seems to push it into drive and a mix slider to set how far into space you want to venture. There’s also an external input which will take a guitar signal for use with the filter and reverb.

It’s a very interesting and very odd box. In fact it doesn’t come with a box but you can get a cardboard one and power supply for it to turn it into a desktop synth and effects unit.

They say it’s an easy build on two PCBs and comes with all the components and the reverb tank. It costs €165 which is almost worth it just for the reverb. I’m very intrigued to see what people do with it.

Modules to come?

What’s also interesting are the other modules in the demo video. They seem to get blurred out just when you think you’re going to get a good look at them. There’s a lot of colour and they seem to follow the slider form of the Antiphon. At least one appears to be called “Utopia” and I can’t find any modules on ModularGrid that match them. I’m hoping these are a new range from Dreadbox and I get a feeling, just from the choice of colour, that they are going to be awesome!

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