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Maneco Labs Grone Drone

Maneco Labs Grone Drone  ·  Source: Maneco Labs Grone Drone

Maneco Labs Grone Drone

Maneco Labs Grone Drone  ·  Source: Maneco Labs

The GRONE DRONE synth from Maneco Labs is a dark and disturbed looking drone synth Eurorack module featuring a droning oscillator, MS20 style filter, noise, LFO and Clouds.


Good name for something this unpleasantly awesome. It’s like something out of a nightmare brilliantly presented in one scary module. The glowing eyes of the mysterious figure that seem to follow the LFO and the weathered knobs lend it an overwhelming edge of Steampunk. The sound doesn’t disappoint either as the drone is scarred by the filter and then funnelled through the expansive atmosphere of the Mutable Instruments Clouds. It’s a great idea to combine these elements into a synth voice.

The oscillator generates analog signals via 16 equations. I’m not sure the equations themselves are important and all you need to know is that there are three knobs that control the numbers in the equation and so govern the tone of the output. A fourth knob controls the pitch and speed of the oscillations. The output can be mixed with Noise before entering the MS20 style lowpass filter. A eight-mode LFO can be injected to control the cutoff. Lastly, it all piles into a build of the Mutable Instruments Clouds loaded with the Parasites firmware with all the usual controls for freeze, texture, density and so on.

There are a few patch points for taking things out of the GRONE DRONE. There’s an output for the Oscillator, one for Noise, a filter output and then there’s an input for triggering and pitching Clouds.

GRONE DRONE is a magical idea that probably plays best all by itself but it would be an interesting task to see if you could blend it with the rest of your rack. Available now for $349. It also seems to be available as a pedal for $465 which you could treat as a standalone drone synth.

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Here’s the pedal version.

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