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Korg tease

Korg tease  ·  Source: Korg

It’s Korg’s turn to tease with a little slip of a video on the Korg UK Instagram channel. It reports to be a “New Legendary Synthesizer Recreation” and Korg says that “something super exciting is coming!” I think I’m going to burst!

New – Legendary – Recreation?

So it’s new, but it’s also legendary or was legendary and it’s a recreation.

Here’s the best image I can pull from the video:

Korg tease

Korg tease

With a little bit of adjustment I’ve got this:

Korg Tease

Korg Tease

Now I could be way off the mark here but doesn’t that look an awful lot like a Korg Triton?

Korg Triton

Korg Triton

The big question though is whether a new recreation would include a floppy drive? Now the Triton was digital synthesizer and sampling workstation released in 1999 with 62 notes of polyphony and 32 whole megabytes of Waveform ROM. The sampler section could use 16MB for storing literally 1000’s of samples and it had a huge 16 track sequencer, inbuilt patterns, arpeggiators and digital stereo effects. It’s an unusual choice in the current overload of analogue synthesis – but maybe that’s the point. Maybe the world is in need of a flagship workstation with a bucket load of sounds that shaped the music of the new millennia. Or it could be something else?

After a little bit more digging it appears that the post originated with the Korg-App Instagram account which would indicate that this is probably an iOS app or software version of a Triton. That makes a lot more sense!

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Bruce Landis

My guess is iTriton: Triton for iOS, Gadget2, and the Software Synth Collection…


Wavestation would be awesome board to bring back with updates.


um….that was done quite a while ago