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Korg KROSS 2 88 MB

Korg KROSS 2 88 MB  路  Source: Korg

Korg KROSS 2 88 MB

Korg KROSS 2 88 MB  路  Source: Korg

Korg KROSS 2 88 MB

Korg KROSS 2 88 MB  路  Source: Korg

Korg actually released this yesterday but no one would have noticed because of all the Roland releases. Even today no one is really going to notice because in light of the new Fantom and the Jupiter-X the new and updated KROSS2-88MB seems dated and unimpressive.


But that’s really unfair because the Kross is a very different instrument, well, it’s not designed to be different because both the Kross and the Fantom claim to be the definitive “do-everything” keyboard. But the Kross is about a third of the price and so is trying to be everything to everyone at a much more conservative price point.

However, that doesn’t stop it looking a bit drab and dated with only a couple of knobs, a tired-looking LCD screen and a row of pads trying to look cheery. But what it does have is over 1000 sounds with an additional 128 PCM based instruments including high-end pianos along with cutting edge EDM synths and drum sounds. They added a bunch more drum patterns to play with as well. Combine that with the sampling functions and multitrack sequencing and you’ve got yourself a decent workstation feature set in an understated form that anyone could use without having to be into synthesis.

This 88 keyed version uses a natural weighted hammer action with no aftertouch that delivers a heavier low end and a lighter top. They say the super matte black finish is sublime. The keyboard is certainly huge and Korg seems to have sunk in some useful trays for bits and bobs to use up the blank space. Maybe you could put paper clips in it, or your coffee cup or something. I enjoyed the “special edition” Kross Korg released at NAMM, the groovy colours seemed to hook into the nature of this keyboard as a fun, music-making workstation with a bunch of cool sounds, sampling and sequencing. With this huge weighted version it all looks too serious but doesn’t really have enough in there for people who take things too seriously.

At a price point of just over a grand it is good value for an 88 keyed weighted workstation. The features are decent, the sounds are totally acceptable and the sampling makes it a genuinely useful “do-everything” machine. Personally I think it suits the 61 key version better but for someone looking for a straight-forward, modest, piano-style workstation then it’s perfect really isn’t it?

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One response to “Korg release an updated and expanded KROSS with a “super matt black” finish”

  1. Richard says:

    That black finish looks superb – does it also remove all high-end sparkle from the audio? 馃槈

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