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Korg KROME EX CU  ·  Source: Korg


Korg KROME EX CU  ·  Source: Korg


Korg has announced the KROME EX CU, a limited edition of the popular synthesizer workstation in a copper finish. Here’s your chance to own a Korg KROME EX that looks like it’s been dipped in a pool of liquid metal.



Every once in a while, Korg likes to release limited editions of some of its most popular synths with unusual, eye-catching paint jobs. Over the years, the synth manufacturer’s colour fetish has brought us creations like the KROSS Special Edition, the Fisher-Price-themed nanoSERIES 2 and of course the khaki, white and blue MS-20 FS. For Korg, it’s a way to keep the products fresh and in the spotlight. For those of us who like a splash of colour, it’s a way to express our awesomeness.

The newly announced KROME EX CU is a limited run of the synthesizer workstation that looks like it’s been dipped in liquid copper. The reddish-golden finish is sure to turn some heads on the stage! The copper colour is only available on the 61-key version of the KROME EX. Korg hasn’t told us how many they plan to make of these, but they say that it’s only available in limited quantities.

New paint job aside, the synth remains exactly the same. It’s a 61-key digital synth workstation with 16 parts and 120 voices of polyphony. The ROM memory is loaded with 4 GB of samples. These include lots of modern synth and drum sounds for EDM productions, Korg says. You also get a 16-track sequencer and two polyphonic arpeggiators. The 7″ colour touch screen display ensures that you can keep track of what’s going on.

Price and availability

The Korg KROME EX CU is available immediately. The RRP is EUR 999 (GBP 902).

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4 responses to “Korg announces the KROME EX CU synth workstation with a copper finish”

  1. Tiago Amaral says:

    Korg knows what means “CU” in Brazilian portuguese? 🤣

  2. Ced says:

    Had it for 2 months now love it .
    Still have features I’ve yet to master

  3. Patrick says:

    Too bad no usb audio out… weird. So no recording into hour DAW… And no aftertouch either. Something many cheap midi keyboards have.

    Artificial limitations.

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