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Kong Pitchblack Custom tuner large display strobe half strobe concert pitch

Korg Pitchblack Custom with '3D' display.  ·  Source:

Korg are launching the new Pitchblack Custom, and it seems like this will be one of a number of new Korg tuning products out this year. This is yet another variation on their well-known Pitchblack series.

The Pitchblack Custom has a much larger display than the regular Pitchblack model, which should please those with poor eyesight or crowded pedal boards. Korg state that it is up to their usual high standard in terms of accuracy, tuning to within +/- 0.01% which is pretty accurate for a stage tuner. It is also a true bypass unit, so it won’t colour your instrument’s tone. They also include a DC output, letting you power another set of pedals from the unit, which is useful if you are using a power supply with only one output.

This release part of Korg’s ‘Custom Shop’ series and is the first time they have used a 3D visual meter  on a tuner. This sounds a bit like a gimmick to me; however, it is pretty clear so will appeal to many I would imagine. There are four different display meter modes to choose from on the pedal and so you should be able to find one that works for you. The modes are: Regular A or B mode, with B being stacked from the bottom of the display; or Strobe and half-strobe mode, which is considered more accurate by some and also used by companies like Peterson, for example.

Korg also claim that if the pedal is used with a battery, it now offers up to three times the battery life compared to previous versions of the Pitchblack. That sounds very handy if you travel light and keep one in your gig bag and don’t carry a power supply.


Pitchblack Custom specifications: Korg site

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