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Korg Mini Pitchblack tuner strobe half strobe needle buffered true bypass battery power 9v PSU external accurate +/- 0.1 percent

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Korg have a great reputation for making tuners, including everything from their 19″ rack mounted affairs through to the DT10 and, later on, the Pitchblack in various incarnations. Now they have released a ‘Mini’ version of their already popular Pitchblack model.

I have a Pitchblack on my board and before that I had the silver DT10 and both have served me well over the last 10 years or so. They are robust, can take being stomped on by my size 12 boot and are easy to see on a dimly lit stage. The new mini version is accurate and can tune within +/- 0.1 percent, can either be set to buffered or to true bypass, has LEDs that are very easy to see and can be run of either a battery or a PSU.

The LED can be set to either strobe, half-strobe or regular ‘needle’ modes. It is bright and takes up most of the front panel on the unit. That makes it great for those of us who are getting on and have poor eyesight. The pedal can also be calibrated using the control on the top of the unit. Korg have put two little ‘stabilisers’ on the bottom of the unit which can be flipped out. These stop the pedal from flipping over if it is not attached to a pedal board. A nice touch and probably a good idea as the pedal has a very small footprint, so needs all the help it get staying upright I would imagine. Just the weight of a guitar cable usually sends mini pedals flying even if they are velcro’d down to a board.

The pedal has just enough room to squeeze a battery into, which is really useful, as it means you can carry it in your guitar case or gig bag and not have to worry about dragging a power supply with you as well.

Korg Pitchblack Mini

RRP GBP £52 available in April


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