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Korg Pa5X 76 keys Musikant version

Korg Pa5X 76 keys Musikant version  ·  Source: Korg

Korg Pa5X

Korg Pa5X  ·  Source: Korg


Korg is not messing about with the Pa5X. The new arranger has had a complete redesign with more power, less fuss, Pads, guitar inputs and virtually unlimited storage.


Korg Pa5X

I’m aware that as synth enthusiasts we tend to look down on the Arranger keyboards as if they have little to offer our music-making endeavours. But that’s to miss out on the extraordinary power and potential of these massively versatile and fun-to-play keyboard workstations. You will never find yourself lost for ideas because you can settle back into over 600 styles of possibility while dialling through over 2200 tones. Sounds are pulled from all the other Korg machines including Kronos, Nautilus and SV2. This is not a toy.


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The Pa5X has everything you need to discover the music you want to make and the musician you want to be. There are even “Musikant” editions that localise the content to various territories so it’s not all about Western styles or English labelling.

This is a premium keyboard ecosystem. It has 160 voice polyphony, Enhanced Definition Synthesis-Expanded sound generation, multimode filters and EQ on every track. Each track also has insert effects from a huge library as well as master effects from Waves | MaxxAudio® Suite. Along with the tones, you get 130 drum kits with room to store up to 384. The matrix of percussion pads gives you a more nuanced way to run your kits. There’s an 8″ touch-screen for displaying all the information you need and a colour-coded system that highlights the functions you need to be focused on. And you can fully mix your whole arrangement and finalise your mix with those Waves plugins.


For sampling, there are 8GBs for waves and Soundfonts and an SD card slot for continuous expansion. There’s now a dedicated guitar input alongside the microphone input. And, of course, the Pa5X comes with amp and speaker simulation and room for 4 stomp-box effects. You also get some nice vocal and harmonisation effects.

Some of the style and accompaniment options are amazing. It has a dual song engine so that you can set two different things going and cross-fade between them. This extends to the dual MP3 player and recorder, the chord sequencer and song jukebox.

The Pa5X is a massive machine that can be a complete arranger and music workstation for MIDI, sampling and audio recording. The build quality and user interface are excellent and are reflected in the price. There are 61, 76 and 88 key versions with a hammer action keyboard to be found on the bigger one.

Korg Pa5X

Korg Pa5X

The prices are Pa5X 61: €4299, Pa5X 76: €4599 and Pa5X 88: €4999. (affiliate links)

Korg Pa5X 61 Keys
Korg Pa5X 76 Keys
Korg Pa5X 88 Keys
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Korg Pa5X 76 keys Musikant version

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7 responses to “Korg Pa5X: Next-generation professional arranger and workstation”

    iixorb says:

    I’m a synth / drum machine/ sampler / sequencer / DAW and VST person predominately but I’ve always had a soft spot for arranger keyboards. The Yamaha PS6100 from ‘84 and the Roland E-20 from ‘88 being a couple of my favourites. I left a cheap Tyros 2 at the in-laws house overseas, which is a refreshing thing to just sit down and play when we go there once a year. There’s nothing in stone that says synth players can’t enjoy a bit of Bossanova, Beguine or ‘Disco 16 Beat’ from time to time 🙂

    Actually I’m surprised there aren’t any true arranger VSTs (at least, that I’m aware of). Vengeance kind of pulls it off, but I’m taking about something where you can activate Fills, Intros, Endings etc.

      Robin Vincent says:

      You’re talking about Band-in-a-box right?

        iixorb says:

        Aha! Thanks Robin! Yes, I suppose I might be! I completely forgot that Band-in-a-Box existed. It’s not something I’ve been searching for and it was only while I responded to the article, that I pondered “why are there no proper arranger VSTs 🤔”

        Will definitely be checking BIAB out.
        Cha Cha Cha !!

    John says:

    Went on the 5x the other day. Its a beast! Until now both yamy and korg each have had their own advantages. The 5x however is like having a yamy and a korg in one

    Brian says:

    I hope you just do gender bender o the lead only as when I write my songs I’d like to hear them sing on à female

    Ash says:

    can’t wait to play the pa5x instead of lugging the Norg 88 to band rehearsal s

    Christopher says:

    In terms of aesthetics, this is a gorgeous, beautiful machine, evocative of the Oasys. The design suggests this is the successor to the Kronos, but unfortunately under the hood it is a completely different keyboard.

    Had they built this thing on the Kronos’s 9 engines, this thing would be a true beast. instead, it has only one engine, something new that I’ve never heard of.

    I mean, I’m sure it’s full of great sounds, but I can buy boxes of great sounds and download thousands of free ones. I want a Kronos, been scammed twice on reverb trying to buy one.

    Note also to Ash: I sincerely doubt any version of the PA 5X will be lighter than any version of the Nord. 😎

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