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NI Komplete 11

NI Komplete 11  ·  Source:

After a lot of fuss with leaks and the official announcement last month Komplete 11 in all its forms is available now.


Komplete 11

Native Instruments have released three version, Komplete Select, Komplete and Komplete Ultimate. The new “Select” version comes on a USB stick with 11 full products, 2500 sounds and 25GB of library. Regular Komplete comes on an SSD drive with 45 products, 13,000 sounds and 155GB of library. And Ultimate also comes on a drive with 87 products, 18,000 sounds and 500GB of library.

Komplete Select is £159, regular is £479 and Ultimate is £959. Upgrade pricing is available to existing owners. What’s nice is that each version includes a £22 e-voucher for additional sounds as if you could possibly need more.

For all the details check out our original article all about it here. Or visit the Native Instruments website.


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