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KNoB Technology Dragon-FLY

KNoB Technology Dragon-FLY  ·  Source: KNoB Technology


From the people who brought us the Muscarin experimental semi-modular comes a dramatic new Eurorack module Dragon-FLY that scans in stereo filters, amplifies while looking gorgeous.



It’s a stunning looking module full of glowing possibilities, knobs and sockets. It contains two multi-mode diode-based Sallen-Key 12dB/oct filters which can both be controlled by the same knob in different modes. There’s also a pair of OTA VCAs with log and lin characteristics. The cutoff, resonance, VCA gain and pan can all be voltage controlled.

All three modes of high, low and bandpass filtering are available all the time and you can scan and mix them together. The big knob in the middle provides a crossfade between the two filters.

This thing is fierce! It’s an angry explosion of stereo processing that’s like setting a pair of monsters fighting over a signal path.

Details are still emerging but hopefully we’ll find out more about it soon as there’s a lot more going on than I can fathom at the moment. If you enjoy a good bit of raw audio being filtered to death then check out this demo video from Instagram.


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KNoB Technology Dragon-FLY

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