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Metallica Kirk Hammett KHDK Electronics Scuzz Box

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KHDK Electronics Scuzz Box is an acid yellow coloured box of filth. The latest in the Kirk Hammett KHDK signature pedal lineup and based upon a germanium transistor circuit, this fuzz box is certainly aimed squarely at dirty tones with velcro fuzz at the heart of its tonal character.



The Scuzz Box is officially finished in what KHDK call an acid yellow with metallic purple writing. It certainly stands out visually and looks very striking. The main controls of the Scuzz Box are Fuzz, Volume, Deep (low eq) and Tone (hi cut eq), all controlled by purple chicken head-style knobs. There are also two mini switches, one for adding a buffer before the fuzz circuit and the other labelled Scuzz/Fuzz for selecting the character of the fuzz.

Fuzz or Scuzz?

Fuzz is the smooth straight up Germanium-style ’60s classic fuzz setting and the more regular brand of fuzziness that you would expect from a Germanium transistor circuit. Scuzz, on the other hand, is far more aggressive. In fact, it’s downright dirty and bordering on 8-bit glitch with a hint of velcro fuzz thrown in as well. The demo video below gives a reasonable indication of what to expect form this setting.

Power and Buffers

The Scuzz Box draws power from a regular 9V battery or a normal Boss-style 9V centre negative power supply. This is great, as a lot of vintage fuzz pedals will not.

The built-in buffer is a useful little switch and allows you to place the buffer before the fuzz circuit. The idea is to allow it to counteract any odd oscillations you may achieve if other effects are placed before the Scuzz Box. It will also help deal with longer cable lengths as well. The KHDK site says to use it at will, that they have no hard or fast rules on when to use it. A useful function, it seems to me.

Metallica Kirk Hammett KHDK Electronics Scuzz Box

KHDK Electronics Scuzz Box. Kirk Hammet’s acid yellow box of dirt

Kill ’em all

Will this fuzz be the one to make you go “Wow”?


Well, from the demo below I must say I quite like the sound of it. I was a bit taken aback as I don’t really associate Metallica or Kirk Hammett with fuzz tones. So it was a pleasant surprise when I heard the demo video. I’m also a sucker for lurid paint jobs and so all in all I’m quite taken by it myself.

Best thing I have seen all year from Mr Hammett. This gets my vote for one to go check out.


KHDK Electronics Scuzz Box specs: site

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Metallica Kirk Hammett KHDK Electronics Scuzz Box

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